Lost In The Fire, Found From The Ashes

In the Middle of Great Failure, New Successes are created

What do we lose in the fire and
what do we recover from the ashes?
We lose the old in the fire and
we recover the new from the ashes.

I think about how newcomers will emerge, and displace the disruptors of the 2010s. New leaders will emerge and wouldn’t it be something to be a part of that story?

People are waiting for “normal” to return. That will never happen. It never does, it never did. We are waiting for “new” and then we adjust as best as we can.

I think about Apple and Microsoft having started their epic business journeys in the middle of the 1970s, a decade before personal computing became mainstream.

Just how many success stories were born in a period of failure?
Were the founders insane? Not really, just living in a different world from others.

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