11 Ideas For The Near-Future

(Post-script: and they pretty much all happened)

Eleven ideas this, week, made up of past brain flex storms, very messy but it helps to organize them here. Apologies to those looking for trading ideas, this is a different kind of post.


I wonder if there is merit in a robo-investor systems (trend following) trading module for emerging "millennial" market for robo-advisory money management? No MORE cognitive biases. A natural overlap for passive investors.

2. ROBO-APP Managing multiple accounts, aggregating funds of the "Robin Hood" variety, for 0% but a X% of the aggregated funds' profits:

The heart of this idea is really about the backend running the money for qualified accounts, under "self-directed' accounts, with appropriate paperwork.

The agreement for 0% fee is that the platform does all the work, price and risk management driven, in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Perhaps it's a module for new online/brokerage apps like robinhood/motif/IB/Alibaba. The other part of the platform is the chassis, and the trend following engine could be that, plus the steering and brakes of behind the trading vehicle.

The trading "engine",running on servers connected to price information from everywhere, just reviews price, direction, atr, moving averages, crossovers, like what is out there,and volume/liquidity (to enable there are enough shares for drama-free entry/exit), the API sees the fund, what's been committed, and make orders, upon a weekly basis. Orders are executed directly to brokers like robinhood/motif/IB/Alibaba.

There might need to be seed money, that is built up, to get to a minimum, before it kicks off. Once it's large enough it starts to work. If it fails to raise or maintain, the project pauses.

Users get the app, and from their front end, on the mobile side, have given permission to join a POOL Of Robinhood, IB,Motif, AlibabaYuebao, whatever.

Once enough people sign up for the app, BASED UPON a deal made with Robinhood/Motif/AlibabaYuebao, or similar brokerage platforms, all the money is traded together mechanically.

There is probably overlap but maybe this is the way to go. The disclaimer is "as soon as the amount" hits the required target, a kind of countdown, it then launches.

THEN the brokerage does its usual back-office stuff.

3)”AIR SHARE”; a NET-JETs you can join via your smartphone/watch/glasses/smart-clothing/fridge/IOT-whatever

Your portal is an App tied to all online travel services, where people, who created and qualified for safety, solvency and travel habit/objectives, could call up access, if any, for a flight on private flights.  At first, it's a for the mini "net jets" for the mid level executive, entrepreneur fresh from VC funding, a vegas/macao/native american gambling "high roller". I want to call it "AirShare" instead of time share. you would pay up front after qualifying. the company has the "float" to manage while underwriting deals with private charter/regional carriers, vetted with safety records for pilots, equipment.

4) Single serve Ovaltine packets:

Shaped like flat tubes, much like the coffee ones from Starbucks, or your crystal light packets. It might go over big in the Asian market, and perhaps lots of kids in your neck of the woods might like it (or at least their parents/grandparents might).

POST-SCRIPT: NO Ovaltine Packet Yet. :(

5)Smoothies on demand:

Tailored to taste buds, and packaged on the spot in clean glass bottles or safe stable plastic bottles able to handle fruit acid. Instead of buying "Naked", you can have bespoke smoothies without the mess, via vending machine or at counter of a pharma/convenience chain like Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Walgreens, etc., at the airport. An ATM for the juice/cleanse/healthy drink crowd. Maybe Amazon foods can do it, or Google with it's 24 hour delivery cycle. All leftover veggie material is shipped back by amazon/google to locavore farms for free.

6)Tailored virus phage treatments:

Circa 2115: Phage treatments are manufactured at hospitals/CVS/RiteAid/DuaneReade/Walgreens/etc,  instead of antibiotics, designed for superbugs bred by 50 years of mis/over use of antibiotics. These viruses can only "eat" one kind of bacteria so we don't end up with more problems. Done in Russia since the 1920/30s,today this can be done and processed perhaps in to caplets, with it's 1:1 ratio of treatment against each bacterium (repeat sales for pharma), tailored to not tear apart bacteria (which results in toxicity in patients) but will be recycled by the body. The arms race against "superbugs" has been won again with big busy making treatments for all bacteria.

7)Vice Media lends its "realness" editorial stance/style to markets coverage, which might be like a "VICE MARKETS":

Multi-format media, in the field, on the road,in the air, with real people and how they make money and lose it and invest it and grow it or burn it. Imagine: entrepreneur in the garage series; Crash&Burn; Turnaround; Family Business;Man on the Street (black markets in currency in various countries);the travails and triumph of a Marijuana dealer in Colorado vs. Mexico;the inheritance being burned, grown;the lemonade stand in the midwest that became a cart, that became a storefront. I'm riffing on ideas that there are ideas all around us and they are personal to someone and being made real, and putting food the table and money in someone's pocket (intentionally or otherwise).

8) Match-making skills/talents with opportunities, all through your phone/watch/etc:

The code underlying the app, combing through one's entire ouevre (body of work/art) Man-ouevre(?)

The app scrapes through all one's online work and identifies talents via algorithms and matches with demands of others linked however tenuous on social networks and may have to resort to "sixth degree of separation" linking to match a human capital resource with a human market demand and then makes introductions, after a vetting algorithm has been run. (Remember what happened with Yahoo's past CEO history, so some mechanical vetting, not subject to human error/bias/career risk/conflict of interest, might be in order.)

Blind offers are made sometimes if it's not an immediate social media contact/address book contact and backgrounds are kept anonymous to protect each member's privacy in such a network

9)Commuters Reader APP:

The social context is that more users, especially younger ones, operate via App, and not via FB, network or even email. As commuters itinerary are set (for work/travel) it scraps travel sites (hotstop.com/travel site accounts) to estimate time of travel, waiting, refueling, eating, and uses itinerary is set. The App scraps travel sites to estimate a commuter's time of travel, waiting, refueling, eating, and calculates the  remaining time to create entertainment to past the time, including: podcasts, SIRI voice readings of books, readable text from news broadcasts, programs, movies, films, any audio sources, or it does it as a voiceover of text, or subtitle of video, with subroutines for foreign languages (and pop up bubbles that explain context for statements of historical/numerical/statistical weather).

10) Mobile publishing App for writers/editors/publishers:

On the fly mobile publishing/authoring/distribution network, with payments made via advertising, surveys and/or mobile network service provider charges/google/apple/alibaba/amazon story purchase of subscriber access). The idea is more and more writers/authors/publishers do MOBILE work via new interfaces not yet offered (retinal/contact lense/google glass/IOT variants). THEN the content is transmitted crunched out, and distributed in varied formats for readers/listeners/viewers. Writers, not just "TMZ"/paparazzi, could use this.

11) Mechanical e-book generators, making better textbooks for certain subjects, free of cognitive/editorial biases, perhaps useful for school/Khan/Online academies, journalists, and for businesses/entrepreneurs/marketers offering "free" e-books downloads in exchange for emails:

There have been recent developments in mechanical writers which can create written narratives based upon quantitative data, great for earnings announcements, government statistical releases and weather reports. Imagine having automated resume writing (see BrainFlex idea #8's "job" matching network) where applicants would no longer have to make CVs, you just work/live and an algo does it for you, generating a "game face" from what it can crunch from your experiences. The side effect that it would force fiction to be better but the dry/statistical stuff could be handled.